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No Glow Caps - 5 Pack Combination

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  • Pick any combination of 5 individual packs (7 caps per package) of NG10, NG20 or NG30.  Add this item to your cart and in the checkout page at the bottom there is a field called “Add Comments About Your Order”.  Put in the quantity and model number separated by a comma (,) for the combination you would like to order (Make sure the total equals 5).  Example:  Item #NGCOMB5 - 2 – NG10, 2 – NG20, 1 – NG30.
  • No Glow Caps – NG-10:  Use to cover standard glass incandescent mini-light bulbs.
  • No Glow Caps – NG-20:  Use to cover the new Long LED mini-light bulbs.  These are the new energy efficient lights in stores that are made to look like glass bulbs, but there are plastic (see picture).
  • No Glow Caps – NG-30:  Use to cover the new short small 5mm Wide Angle LED button looking mini-lights.  There are currently two different versions of this type of bulb.  One is manufactured in a round body and round top glass look and the other is made to look like round plastic with a flat top (pictured).  This cap will fit both of these versions.
  • Use to create a professional looking light display by hiding the extra lights between bushes, windows, doors, gutters or create clean-looking customized words by hiding the lights in-between each letter.  The many different uses for this cap are limited only by your imagination.
  • Covers entire bulb and slips down around the plastic base creating a complete seal so no light ring emits from around the base of the bulb (as shown in picture).
  • They install in seconds.  Simply push cap over light.
  • Re-usable.  Simply pull off current light and push onto new light.  See installation instructions for more information.
  • Use for any holiday or occasion, do not limit yourself to using these caps only during Halloween or Christmas.  Use them for any occasion where you use mini-lights for decorations.
  • Engineered to fit most mini-light manufacturer brands.
  • Flame/Fire Resistant – Material complies with UL Flammability rating V-0.
  • Packaging Type – Plastic Re-sealable Clamshell
  • Pack quantity – 5 individual packs of 7 pieces per pack.