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St. Clair Shores, Michigan – No Glow Plugs, LLC are the makers of the new cutting edge and creative product called “No Glow Caps”.  This product will be of tremendous value to any professional designer, commercial or small business or any  homeowner that is looking to have a professional looking light display for any occasion or holiday that strand lights are used for decorating.

The “No Glow Cap” is used to block out the light that is emitting from lights on mini-light strands.  Simply place the “No Glow Cap” over the lights that you DO NOT want lit.  It is that simple.  They install in seconds onto your existing light strand.  Because of the unique design that this product offers, it fits down over the entire light bulb and down onto the plastic light socket which in turn eliminates all of the light that is emitted.  If you want to remove the “No Glow Cap” and place it on another bulb, simply pull the cap off the current light and push onto the light that you do not want lit.

Even though there are so many manufacturers and variations of light strands on the market, the “No Glow Cap” is made in such a way that it will conform to any mini-light variation for each product type.  Because of the different variations of products that are in the marketplace, e.g., glass lights, LED lights and LED midget button lights, there are three different sizes of “No Glow Caps” available, with more to come in the future:


  • NG10 – Fits over glass incandescent mini-light bulbs.
  • NG20 – Fits over the new LED long mini-light bulbs.
  • NG30 – Fits over the new LED small short midget button size mini-lights.


Suggested Uses for the “No Glow Caps”:

  • Between bushes, trees or gutters.
  • Between two windows or doors (Inside or Outside)
  • Around the truck of a tree or pole.
  • Running up or down the wall or a gutter to an electrical outlet.
  • Form customized letters or words, hiding the lights between each letter making your lettering and/or words easier to read.
  • Use on any Holiday, Patio Décor, Umbrellas, Wedding or any occasion that you use mini-light strands for decorating or creating an ambience!!!  It is only limited by your imagination.

This product meets UL flammability rating UL94 V-0 and can be used on both indoor and outdoor applications.

Please visit our website No Glow Plugs to learn additional information about the product.  If you would like wholesale/commercial sales information regarding the “No Glow Cap”, please use the contact us form.

We look forward to the chance to discuss the opportunity to do business with you and/or your company.  Don’t miss out on this great new product, buy some today and tell all of your neighbors and friends about them.


We are positive that you will love this new product!

No Glow Plugs, LLC



Are you tired of looking at the lights lit between your bushes, trees or window panes?

Does your significant other make you put electrical tape, paint or hide the extra lights that are lit between your bushes, trees or window panes? Have you ever had to bury the lights that you did not want lit and then after the holidays you discover they are frozen into the ground and you can’t get them out until the thaw, or you destroy them completely by ripping them out anyway?

Finally there is a product that solves all those problems. The “No Glow Cap.” Simply place the "No Glow Cap" over the lights that you DO NOT want lit.  They install in seconds onto your existing light strand.  If you want to remove the "No Glow Cap" and place it on another bulb, simply pull the cap off the current light and push onto another one. 

DO NOT limit yourself to using these caps just during Christmas time.  They can be used for any holiday (Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas....).  Other great suggestions for the "No Glow Cap" are any special occasion where mini lights are used for decoration, i.e. Wedding, Graduation Parties, Businesses, etc.  The use of this product is only limited by your imagination.  

There are many variations of mini lights in the market, the  "No Glow Cap" is made to conform to the many different sizes that are available.  Currently there are three different sizes of "No Glow Caps".  If one size does not fit your particular mini light strand, then the next size up or down should work perfect.  The versions that are currently available are as follows:

NG10 – Fits over standard glass incandescent mini-light bulbs.  This is the standard mini-light bulb that everyone grew up with and is used to.  Because of the many variations of the new LED lights that look like the standard bulb, this version will also fit on the smaller diameter LED mini-lights.

NG20 – Fits over the new LED long mini light bulbs.  They look like the standard glass light bulbs, but they are made out of plastic and are lit by LED bulbs.  Version NG20 will also fit on the larger diameter glass mini-lights.  Some versions of the LED mini light are the exact size of the glass bulb, so the NG10 version will be needed for smaller diameter LED bulbs.

NG30 – Fits over the small short midget LED mini light bulbs.  There are two different versions of this type of bulb.  One is manufactured in a round body and round top glass look and the other is made to look like round plastic with a flat top.  This cap will fit both versions.


If you have a general questions about the product, please e-mail us at custserv@noglowplugs.com.

If you are a retail business, installer, contractor, or online merchant and would like more information about the wholesale and/or commercial sales program, please send an e-mail with your Name, Business Name, E-mail and Phone Number to custserv@noglowplugs.com or call (586) 330-0605 and leave a message about your inquiry.